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Australia and New Zealand’s Leading Experts in Digital Pen Technology for the Classroom

For over 4 years Smartpen has worked directly with hundreds of schools – building region wide expertise in how to use and deploy this innovative technology in the classroom. 

Increase Real Teaching Time

The Livescribe smartpen provides educators with the opportunity to dramatically increase instructional time beyond the classroom to drive student-centric learning and achievement.

  • Capture and archive an interactive version of your daily written and verbal instruction- so students (and parents) can hear, see and relive lessons exactly as they were delivered.
  • A digital version of your notes and audio, called a pencast, is both aurally and visually interactive, which accommodates various learning styles.
  • Students and parents may revisit instruction as many times as needed to build comprehension.
  • Share pencasts with your students, parents and learning community by posting pencasts on a blog, website or send them directly as an interactive PDF.

Access Student Thinking

Livescribe smartpens provide a unique solution for student assessment because they capture a student’s written and verbal work.

  • By tapping on a student's notes, teachers can hear the student's verbal explanations and access the student's thinking for just-in-time intervention.
  • Teachers can easily identify misconceptions and monitor student progress by capturing written and verbal work samples.
  • Students can share their smartpen-authored work online or access work via mobile devices, which supports peer collaboration in dynamic learning environments.

Account for Different Learning Styles

Livescribe smartpens level the academic playing field for all students including students from a non-English speaking background and students with learning differences.

  • Smartpens reduce anxiety associated with taking good class notes, homework review and test preparation. Students know smartpens capture everything they heard and wrote so they'll never miss a word.
  • Students can play back class instruction as many times as needed to build comprehension and retention.
  • Pencasts are both aurally and visually interactive allowing students to learn material in the way that works best for them.
  • Smartpens replace companion note-takers, allowing students to build independence and academic confidence.
  • Smartpens are a discrete accommodation that can easily transition from an academic setting to the workforce.
  • Smartpens are simple to use: it’s as easy as putting pen to paper.

Professional Development for Education

Smartpen can provide web-based or on-site expertise to help teachers and educators understand how to best deploy and use smartpens in the classroom.

We have direct access to the Livescribe K-12 team in the US including the Education Ideas Book – a manual jam-packed with ideas, examples, and tips on using smartpens.

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