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Australia and New Zealand’s Leading Experts in Digital Pen Technology

For over 4 years Smartpen has worked directly with the Livescribe smartpen platform – building region wide expertise in how to use and deploy this innovative technology in both education and business.

How Are Smartpen's Being Used?

From talking to many of our over 8,000 customers we know that Smartpens are being used in innovative ways including:

  • A nursing home who use the pen to capture the life stories of elderly patients - recording notes and audio as an interactive diary that can then be shared with family and friends
  • A mother in South Australia who uses her smartpen to create an interactive record of her families recipes - recipes that originated in China and are part of their family history - which have been handed between generations mostly by voice and some notes - Her smartpen allows her to still do this - but with interactive notes for her daughters to listen and read
  • Many kindergartens use smartpens so kids can have fun writing the alphabet and numbers and verbalising what they are doing

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