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Echo 2GB Smartpen + MyScript for Livescribe

Livescribe 2GB Echo smartpen (APX-00008) - what's includedMyScript for LivescribeLivescribe 2GB Echo smartpen viewLivescribe Echo smartpens work with Mac and PC
Livescribe 2GB Echo smartpen (APX-00008)

Echo 2GB Smartpen + MyScript for Livescribe

AU$284.00 (inc AU$25.82 GST)



How to Choose The Right Smartpen

If you are doing research as to which smartpen is right for you - this blog post answers the common questions we get asked, and will help you decide which smartpen to purchase.

Remember, Livescribe does not release new models that are necessarily better than existing models we have for sale. Read this blog post for a more detailed explanation of the two core models in the Livescribe range.

At work. In the classroom. Your Words, Your Ideas - All Captured with the Echo Smartpen.

The Echo Smartpen from Livescribe records everything you hear, say and write, and links your audio recordings to your notes, so you can find what you need.


At a Glance

  • Capture around 200 hours of audio or thousands of pages of notes
  • Convert hand written notes into editable text
  • Instant play back of your recorded audio by tapping on your notes

Smartpens Remember So You Don't Forget

The Echo smartpen records everything you hear and write, so you can find what you need with a simple tap. Ideal for meetings, conferences, or classes, this compact tool is as easy to carry as traditional pen-and-paper, but smarter. Replay your recorded audio anytime, anywhere, with a quick tap on your notes.

Save, Organize and Search.

Using the Livescribe Desktop, you can upload, save and play back your notes and audio from your PC or Mac. Type in specific words or phrases in the search window, and Echo Desktop will highlight every place you wrote them in your notes.