For some months now there has been little if any inventory available for New Zealand. We’ve spoken to many of you about this as we’ve worked to resolve the distribution problem. We’ve looked at a number of options, none of which was a good fit for Livescribe, ourselves, or our customers.

We have been working closely with Livescribe for over 5 years and supporting the NZ market for over 4 years – we have the expertise and the focus to ensure that the market can be both supported and grown effectively.

Therefore, in order to ensure New Zealand customers have consistent supply of Livescribe consumables, and smartpens, my company is now sourcing directly from Livescribe and warehousing our inventory in-country.

This will cover the standard Livescribe product range of smartpens, paper products, and accessories.

Stock Availability

Our first order has already left Hong Kong and has an ETA of the week of the 21 October.

You’ll be able to pre-order any items you want as of Wednesday 9 October. Simply browse to our Smartpen New Zealand site to find what you need.

If you do pre-order, you can complete the order normally and pay now or use the phone order option at checkout – your order will be saved and we will contact by phone before shipping your order so as to confirm payment.

Stay Tuned – Exclusive Offers & Be The First To Know

There are some exciting developments planned for the short term – we will have a number of exclusive offers available for the Christmas period and for back-to-school 2014.

You can also register to receive advanced notice of new product releases. See here for details on how to register to hear about new Livescribe products first.

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