A common question that prospective customers ask is around how much storage they get with Evernote when they use the WiFi smartpen so its worth addressing this question in detail.

Evernote has two basic versions:

  • Evernote Basic – where you can upload up to 60MB of uploads per month – uploads are measured based on the type of content you upload.
  • Evernote Premium – this paid account (around AUD 50) provides up to 1GB of uploads per month

Now, when you use your Livescribe WiFi smartpen, you enable what we refer to as the “Livescribe Edition of Evernote” This special edition of Evernote allows you to upload up to 500MB of Livescribe content per month to your Evernote account. Now, note here I refer to Livescribe content – so that’s hand-written notes and audio that you create with your Livescribe WiFi smartpen.

How Many Hours of Audio is 500MB?

Great question – it will be roughly 70 hours of audio.

What about the 8GB WiFi Smartpen

The 8GB WiFi smartpen includes a 12 month subscription to Evernote Premium – so this gives you 12 months of the max plan. The other nice feature about Evernote Premium is that it gives you access to Evernote Offline – a way of sync’ing all your notebooks to an offline client.

As a road warrior, traveling every week, I’ve come to love Evernote Offline – I can access all my notes, add notes, mash up data when I’m on a plane and then have this sync’d to my online account once I’ve got a wifi or 4G connection.

Have you Seen our Echo 2GB Special?

Just in case you missed the news – for our Australian and New Zealand customers, we’re offering the Echo 2GB smartpen for AUD 99 (NZD 115) whilst stocks last. Details on this exclusive offer are here

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