Recently Livescribe released a software update for the WiFi smartpen. This latest version is 3.3.0 – we recommend all WiFi smartpen users upgrade as soon as possible. In addition to a number of fixes and some performance improvements, the key new feature in this update is the introduction of Archiving.

Archive Notebooks

This new feature allows you to archive notebooks once you’re finished with them. This function is accessed from the pen and will remove that notebooks content from your smartpen – this frees up capacity on the pen.

How Do I Archive a Notebook from my WiFi Smartpen?

Archiving notebooks from your Livescribe WiFi smartpen is easy to do – simply follow these steps.

Important – You need to have the notebook that you are archiving.

  1. With your pen switched on tap once on the paper menu panel in the bottom left corner of any page in your notebook
  2. Tap the down arrow till you get to settings
  3. Tap the right arrow once to enter this menu option
  4. Tap the down arrow till you get to Archive Notebook (15 taps)
  5. Tap the right arrow once – then tap any page in the notebook.
  6. To confirm and start archiving you finally tap the right arrow to confirm the archive function.

When the archive is completed the LED screen will display a confirmation notice – the notebook is now archived – so don’t tap any other pages in this notebook!

If you have any problems with this, please let us know either in comments, via our social channels or via email.


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