The most recent software update released by Livescribe for the Sky WiFi smartpen contains an important new feature – Sync to Evernote via cable.

What this means is that you can use your laptop (that’s connected to the internet) to sync content to Evernote.

The Sky wifi smartpen can also connect to the Internet through your computer by using the included USB cable and the Livescribe Helper application. This is a convenient backup option to update your smartpen and synchronize your recorded notes and audio with your online Evernote account.

  1. Launch Livescribe Helper.
  2. Plug in your Sky wifi smartpen.
  3. Livescribe Helper will check for required firmware updates.
  4. Next, you’ll be given the option to sync your Sky wifi smartpen to your Evernote account.

Need to Update the Firmware on Your Sky WiFi Smartpen?

There are two easy ways to update your pen software.

Firstly, turn your pen on and then tap the ‘Software Update’ icon inside the front cover of your starter notebook – this will instruct the pen to check for updates – if one is available it will be downloaded and installed on the pen.

Secondly, the WiFi helper app also automatically checks for updates – simply dock your Sky WiFi smartpen and the Helper app will launch and check for software updates

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