I’m pleased to advise that we recently launched a New Zealand version of our Livescribe store – Smartpen.

Smartpen New Zealand

This is a real plus for existing and future Livescribe customers as it gives them the opportunity to purchase from us via a NZ site and in NZ dollars. We’ll also be drawing stock from the NZ bulk warehouse so deliveries will be cheaper and faster.

New Zealand has been an exciting growth market for us locally – small on the global stage but really solid growth over the past few years. By opening this store within NZ, it also means we can start to replicate many of the special offers that we bring to the Australian market but which are difficult to support for NZ due to delivery cost issues.

In the lead up to the launch, we’ve spent a lot of time working directly with New Zealand schools and businesses – particularly ITO’s helping them understand how best to deploy and utilise Livescribe smartpens.

To celebrate the launch of the new store, for the month of July we’re including MyScript for Livescribe with every Echo smartpen purchased. This saves you NZD 29.95 with every order.

Simply order any pen from the Echo range to qualify for this special offer.

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