It’s not often we pitch product directly via our blog, but given its the last month of the financial year in Australia I feel it’s worth while letting our readers know about the special offers we have available.

If you’re looking for some extra pens for the office or the classroom, now’s the time to do it.

What are the Offers?

Firstly, we’ve got the 4GB Echo and the 8GB Pro Pack at well below RRP. You can save $50 on the 4GB Echo – down from $219 to $169, whilst you can save $70 on the 8GB Pro Pack – down from $329 to $259.

Livescribe Education OffersIf you work in education (see the education specials page) – we’ve got an exclusive offer on the 2GB Echo smartpen along with a new educators bundle built around the 4GB Echo smartpen. We launched the Educators bundle last week at the Inclusive Learning Technologies conference and the feedback from teachers was overwhelmingly positive. A lot of teachers are going to be using Livescribe smartpens in the classroom in the second half of the year.

Again, if you’ve been thinking of trialling smartpens in the classroom – now’s the time to do it.

Need to Equip your sales team or an entire classroom?

Contact me personally as you’ll be able to save even further.

Have a great June everyone

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