One of our Australian Livescribe customers shared a really interesting story with me last week about how he uses his Livescribe smartpen to enhance the value of the consulting services he provides his clients.

Craig Leaney is a management consultant focused on sales team development. In a recent strategy session with a clients leadership team Craig facilitated a broad discussion across a number of key areas where the business is looking for improvement. One of Craig’s key skills is his ability to listen and ask probing questions – a job made much easier because his smartpen is capturing the audio.

“The real value Livescribe gave myself and my client was the format of my digital notes – it wasn’t just an audio file, or basic notes, its the interactive PDF – theres no barrier to being able to read and listen to the meeting – this allowed all of us to recap in a much deeper way.”

How Has the Echo smartpen Helped?

To understand how Craig has redefined his value paradigm we must first look at how he would previously conduct sessions and provide feedback:

  1. Convene strategy session with client and key knowledge holders
  2. Chair the session and also take copious notes – both written and mental
  3. Finish session – rush to airport or back to office – check emails, get caught up in the rest of his day, forget some but not all mental notes
  4. Eventually type up session report and key findings for client

Now, lets look at Craig’s new value model – basically the same process but with the added involvement of Craig’s smartpen

  1. Convene strategy session with client and key knowledge holders
  2. Chair the session BUT, rather than trying to take copious notes – write bullet points and also use bookmarks as important points emerge or when the discussion goes off in new directions
  3. Contribute fully to the session – asking probing questions and ensuring the group keep a dynamic, engaged discussion going
  4. Finish session – immediately share notes and audio with client using Livescribe Connect – rush to airport or back to office – catch up on emails, then go over notes using paper replay to recall salient points, noting further thoughts and ideas
  5. Using MyScript for Livescribe, convert expanded notes into editable text and finish report for client – report includes a copy of the interactive PDF

Key Business Results

Craig shared some really interesting insights with me about the impact of his Echo smartpen.

1. More Engaged – Craig found he personally was far more engaged in the session with his client – really leveraging his expertise to add a new level of value to the project

2. Client has rich content to reuse – the client has reused the interactive PDF over 17 times since the session – using it to recall key points and ideas as they turn action items into real action

3. Ideas shared throughout the organisation – the session generated over 20 key action items for the leadership group to own and take further. By using the interactive PDF the leadership group has been able to take these ideas, plus the interactive PDF down to field level – sharing ideas and generating a further 34 follow up tasks and business improvement ideas


From Craig’s perspective – he’s taken his role of strategic advisor to a totally new level – helping the leadership group flesh out key ideas but also capturing and sharing this in a simple, easy to reuse way.

Do you have a story to share?

In April and May, we’re conducting a series of Pencast interviews with Livescribe smartpen users from across Australia and New Zealand. If you’d like to share a story, check out this blog post.

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