We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from the business community over the past few weeks – stories we’ve often shared via the blog. These stories often help other business people who aren’t sure whether they want a Livescribe pen understand the value the smartpen can provide to their business life.

As such, starting in April and running through to the end of May, we’re going to be conducting a series of pencast interviews with business users across Australia and New Zealand.

What’s a Pencast Interview?

Basically I’ll be meeting with business users and asking the user a series of questions about what their job and business activities and how the Livescribe smartpen is helping them.

What I need are volunteers who are prepared to invest 30-45 minutes of time to answer some simple questions about how they use their smartpen.

If you’d like to volunteer to share your story, contact me via comments here or via email, phone, or one of our other social channels.

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