Recently I shared some thoughts and ideas from the business community around how to extend the functionality of Livescribe’s digital writing platform.

I was thinking some more about how we share content that has been created by our Smartpen. In a training session yesterday with a group of corporate comms professionals I used my pen with a trainee and we captured a 45min session as a way of showcasing the power of Livescribe Connect and interactive PDF’s, but also to share the training content so the new users can refer back to it.
The problem we ran into though is the PDF file size isn’t email friendly! The file size ended up quite large. This got me thinking about how we’d get around this.

My thoughts were we need an option where we can have the PDF hosted on a service like YouSendIt and an email sent to the recipient to download the file.  
Maybe we can extend Livescribe Online to allow a user to host these PDF’s in a time limited manner? Ultimately though we’d need to allow Connect to integrate to internal resources or even private clouds so as to overcome issues around corporate security.

The ultimate outcome though would be (i) Create content from 90min meeting, (ii) launch the command line, (iii) select upload and email, (iv) select recipients as per normal – and we’re in business.

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