Over the past 4 years of working with the Livescribe digital writing platform we’ve talked to, met with, and engaged with thousands of business users around Australia and New Zealand – many of whom are rampant advocates for the Livescribe smartpen.

These users come from an incredibly diverse range of businesses – Busy executives, sales reps, executive assistants, project managers, lawyers, accountants, engineers, business coaches etc are finding tremendous value from being able to effortlessly take what they hear and write into their digital world

From talking to enterprise customers around ANZ, a number of ideas have been put forward and I wanted to share these with you – I’m interested in your perspective on these ideas…

1. Integration to SharePoint

To me this is a no brainer. SharePoint dominates the enterprise knowledge management space – a connector to allow a user to connect and drop content into a central directory would be a brilliant addition to Livescribe Connect

Livescribe Connect and SharePoint

2. Tags

Given that many enterprise knowledge management tools use tags heavily this makes a lot of sense. This suggestion got me thinking about how we could manage this.

One option would be to include a line at the top of the page titled “Tags” where any words written on that line become the page tags.

The other option that I think is even better is to create a new command line called “Tags” – so just as we can draw a command line and write ‘Email’ – if we wrote Tags the pen would then prompt us to nominate tags – AND – what pages those tags are associated with…

This should then allow us to use those tags to route content once it hits a tool like SharePoint – ultimately it’d be really useful if we could get content into SharePoint, have visible tags, and then allow workflow rules to take over and move the content where it needs to be.

3. Integration to Outlook

This is really interesting – though it might be tough to solve. A lot of users have asked about integration to Outlook – can a user write on a page and have this create a calendar entry, or Task, or even a more dynamic email (than the current Pencast PDF).

My personal opinion is that as Livescribe Connect matures as a digital writing platform we’ll start to see this type of deep connectivity emerge – at this stage its a real wait-and-see.

Livescribe Business Ideas Handbook

One final point.

We’re developing a Livescribe for Business Ideas Handbook.

This spiral bound manual will help business users and internal resources understand how to (a) deploy Livescribe pens on a larger scale, and (b) how to ensure users get maximum value from their digital writing platform.

If you’ve got any ideas or suggestions as to what to include – feel free to include a comment here on the blog or connect to us via:

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