A question I’m often asked how best to categorise the Livescribe product range – is it a digital voice recorder? A tech gadget?

With the proliferation of smart phones and tablet devices – essentially mobile computing platforms – the question is valid.

What is unique about Livescribe is that it’s the only device that naturally, seamlessly combines what you write with what you hear, then giving you the ability to move this content into your digital and mobile world.   What this means  is that Livescribe is your digital writing platform.

Introducing the Digital Writing Platform

Livescribe as a Digital Writing Platform is fundamentally important for business users, executives, students, and teachers for many reasons.

Livescribe Connect

The Business Community

One point we keep hearing from business users is how important effective listening and contribution is.

Let’s face it, having a laptop or tablet in front of a user during meeting creates real barriers is the user really listening? Can they type fast enough? If they are typing are they really listening or contributing to a meeting?

Project managers, sales reps, business analysts, executive assistants – the list is endless – and it revolves around what you do in meetings – are you in the meeting? Or actively engaged in the meeting?

The Teaching Community

Over three years ago teachers here in Australia grasped the potential of the Livescribe Digital Writing Platform – and their enthusiasm hasn’t waned since. Pencasts, using Livescribe Connect to bridge communication barriers, create engagement opportunities with their communities, and generally communicate their love of teaching.

The Student Community

The value for students is obvious – and yet, as more schools and institutions embrace mobile and web technology – the Livescribe pen continues to be an important part of a students life

“Study Smarter Not Harder”

Take one example from a mature age MBA student recently who found that despite many Gig of university supplied content, his Livescribe pen has proven invaluable during group work and in one-on-one’s with his lecturers and tutors. Again, the critical point here is the ease with which he was able to capture what he was hearing with the notes he was taking.

In the coming weeks we’re going to share a lot of feedback from a wide cross section of users – Pencast interviews from around Australia. If you’d like to participate, drop me a comment or connect with me online:


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