As students start preparing for the start of the university year, a cold reality will set in after O-week and the rush to set lifestyle-friendly lecture schedules – study can and will be hard work…

But does it need to be all hard work?

Actually no. The Livescribe Echo smartpen gives students the ability to study smarter – not harder this year.
Livescribe Echo Smartpens
The top tips we hear from users across Australian and New Zealand universities includes:

  1. Record and Playback – whilst many uni’s podcast lessons, students like the idea of capturing key snippets of a lecture and then tying this to specific notes. This might be a 10-minute group discussion on a key concept, or even a short 1 on 1 with a lecturer before or after a class.
  2. Save, search and organise – Livescribe Desktop give you the ability to organise your notes how you want to – by topic, class, semester or book. The built-in search function within Desktop means you don’t need to worry about “where” you wrote an important learning – simply search on a keyword and Desktop will present the pages to you – even across different books.
  3. Send and Share with Livescribe Connect – since it’s launch Connect has transformed how we take what we hear and write and move this into our digital worlds. Being able to share notes via email, a local Mac or PC, or even Evernote means we can quickly and easily share and collaborate.

So whether you’re packing books, an iPad or Galaxy, a laptop, or just lunch, a Livescribe Smartpen is a simple, must-have addition for you this study year.

If you’re interested, we’ve got a number of Livescribe special deals going at the moment.

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