Over the past three years we’ve spoken to hundreds of Smartpen users – particularly in business and administration where the responsibility for capturing and distributing minutes is often seen as a thankless, burdensome task.

One of the key points we stress to smartpen users time and time again is to use the Livescribe pen effectively – and in many ways this may mean you need to rethink how you capture notes or minutes during meetings. With the Livescribe pen, you’ve got technology in your hand that allows you to worry less about writing fast or missing key points, because the pen is capturing the spoken word – it’s doing the heavy lifting for you.

This comment from a Victorian user – Shakti Love on our Facebook page sums this up nicely

When it comes to business meetings – one of my greatest difficulties not being able to comprehend a lot when more people talk – with the pen not problem. I listen to it at home until I get it. That and also taught myself note taking with the use of mind maps – any meeting, any training, any course – bring it on. Smartpen does it for me every time.
Shakti Love

The key point that Shakti is making here is that she uses her pen to remove the pressure on her to hear, comprehend, and then write down key points from business discussions.

If you need to take lots of notes in meetings, if accurate transcriptions and meeting records are critical – then it might be time to trade in your dumb pen for a smartpen

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