During the week of 5 September, I’ll be in Auckland and Wellington and I’m available to visit local schools and university’s to talk about how Livescribe Smartpens are helping the learning experience for teachers and students across the education spectrum.

Over the past 3 years I’ve personally visited close to 100 schools, TAFE’s, and Universities around Australia, sharing experiences and helping teachers, students, and parents, understand the benefits that the Livescribe Smartpen brings to the classroom.

Livescribe K-12 - Teach It OnceLivescribe Smartpens are helping students learn anytime, anywhere through the simple act of writing, listening, and recalling key lesson content.

Special Needs and Non-English Background Students

If your school or campus has special needs students or students from a non-English speaking background then this session will be of particular interest as this is a key area of focus for Livescribe in both Australia, and globally.

Where and When?

Wellington – Tuesday the 6th and Wednesday the 7th September

Auckland – Monday the 5th, Thursday the 8th, Friday the 9th September

Drop a comment on this post, or reach out via email or Twitter if you’d like to organise a visit

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