We were blogging recently about the newly launched Livescribe Connect and how the use of interactive PDF’s will assist many different Livescribe users create, record, and share content via Livescribe’s interactive PDF’s.

Just after Connect was launched I was talking with a High School in Victoria and we white boarded a number of ways that Connect could help teacher/student, and teacher/parent communication – and ultimately the learning experience (for everyone).

What stood out for me was the fact that Connect will enhance communication between students, teachers, and parents. We broke out a couple of ideas that I’d like to share here.

Communicating Homework Expectations

A teacher talking one on one with a student about what homework to complete the teacher can make notes in either the students’ notebook or their own notebook and then use Connect via Email to send an interactive PDF to both a parent and the student.

So rather than relying on a student to digest and remember what they’ve been asked to complete we can now bring the parent into the communication loop

The following diagram shows the process from the teacher and student discussing what is expected, through to the student submitting homework for review.

Livescribe Connect helping teachers and studentsHomework Submission for Assessment

Completing homework is a key achievement. Connect now allows a student to submit completed homework for assessment using the same Email Connector. This is particularly useful in situations where a teacher or student aide is working closely with a student on remedial or key parts of a subject. Rather than waiting for simple written assessment to be submitted a student can use Connect to have an interactive PDF emailed to the teacher.

This type of situation is particularly useful where a student may be away from school for medical reasons (i.e. they are sick or recovering from an accident or illness).

Just One Aspect of Livescribe Connect

The example here is just one way Connect can be used to support or improve communication between teacher, student, and parent.

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