The wires and the social sphere are alive tonight with news that Livescribe has launched it’s a major new application onto its mobile computing platform

Paper Tablet, a powerful new collaboration application for the Echo™ smartpen. Paper Tablet provides consumers with a new way to annotate presentations, documents or spreadsheets and collaborate online.

We’ve been hearing whispers that some really exciting things were brewing so it’s great to see this type of major announcement – particularly as earlier this year we kicked around some ideas as to where we thought Livescribe could take the development of their platform.

Livescribe Paper Tablet Application

Paper Tablet Application is yet another major release from Livescribe that reinforces the power of their technology

Here’s further information on this release:

When using Paper Tablet, consumers simply connect their Echo smartpen to a computer via the included micro-USB cable. The Echo smartpen then serves as a mouse and turns dot paper notebooks into a tablet computer.

  • Annotation and simple drawings: Consumers can easily mark-up Microsoft PowerPoint™ slides, Word™ documents, Adobe® PDF files, as well as add handwritten notes, simple sketches and drawings to an e-mail or document.
  • Signatures: People can sign digital documents without the hassle of scanning and faxing.
  • Online collaboration: The app also works with popular web conferencing tools like Cisco WebEx®, Adobe® Connect™, and Skype plug-ins, making it easy to share whiteboards, enhance presentations and mark-up documents through real-time online collaboration.

Clearly this is a major development

I’m hoping we’ll get our hands on this app very shortly and ideally we’ll be able to add it into our Australian store ASAP (this is where it would go – Smartpen Applications)

We’ve had hundreds of customers here in Australia asking about this type of dynamic collaboration – many of our customers are trainers, business mentors, L&D managers – so bringing core written content into a real time environment, particularly within web conference tools is a major step forward. Personally, the idea that I can be working with my team around the Australia/New Zealand region via Skype and Webex and be able to share my notes – this is valuable.

It’s early days – stay tuned and we’ll post more as we learn and experiment

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