An update was released for Livescribe Desktop (PC users only) in the past week – version 2.3.1.

The release includes some exciting new features – not the least being integration to Evernote.

Livescribe Desktop integrated to Evernote

The list of new features includes

  • Additional sharing capabilities:
    • Share .pencast files using your email client
    • Share notes and audio recordings to an Evernote® account.
    • Share entire custom notebooks to Livescribe™ Online, or as .pencast files.
    • Audio playback controls in the Sharing interface.
    • Ability to select and share multiple audio sessions as a .pencast file or when uploading to Livescribe Online.
  • Ability to get information about a page. Right-click the page and select Page Properties.
  • Page information includes: Notebook Name and Page Number, Source Notebook and Source Page (if selecting a page from a Custom Notebook).
  • Ink Information includes: Time of first ink and last ink stroke on the page, number of ink strokes, if the page is indexed and searchable, and the page dimensions.
  • Audio information includes: Session name, duration, and date and time it was last modified.
  • Enhancements to Download Manager and Application Manager views.
  • Enhancements to the progress bars and activity indicators.

The full release notes for this version can be found on the Livescribe website.

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