Over the past two years we’ve shared a number of stories from customers around Australia and how they use their Smartpens. I want to share with you one of my own experiences using the Echo Smartpen.

I’ve been a TEC member for many years – as a business owner, it’s been an important resource. This year I’ve been given the chance to share my experiences about building the Smartpen business with other business owners, executives, leaders etc at All TEC Day 2010. The focus of my presentation is how we’ve built Smartpen as a business in a highly competitive retail environment here in Australia.

The reason I share this, is as part of the process of preparing my presentation TEC organised for one of Australia’s leading authors and creative thinkers Gary Bertwistle to provide insight and coaching.

As you could imagine, insights from someone like Gary are pretty valuable, so I’ve used my pen to capture my notes and the key points of our discussions.I take a lot of notes anyway – my Echo Smartpen and Journal are never far from my reach.

The value for me though wasn’t realised until earlier today. As I was waiting for my flight to Melbourne I was reviewing my notes for tomorrow. Rather than simply reading the notes I had taken a few weeks earlier, I was able to plug my iPhone headset into the pen and listen to our conversation – this gave me the chance to make additional notes about what I want to share with the audience as I listed to what Gary and I had discussed over a coffee

The Lesson From This

The fact that I had written notes to refer back to was good – this is something TEC instils in all members – take notes so you can recall later. The value for me though was being able to listen to our discussion whilst I explored my thinking around how to engage with the audience. This is another level of recall and shows the value of the Smartpen in a different environment.

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