In conjunction with the global announcements from Livescribe Inc, Smartpen Australia are pleased to announce the new Echo Smartpen range from Livescribe is available across Australia and New Zealand.

livescribe echo 4GB Smartpen

With a sleek new design and enhanced features, the Echo Smartpen is Livescribe’s most powerful and easy to use smartpen yet.

The Echo Smartpen represents a major advancement of the Livescribe digital smartpen range and takes the product offering from the existing Pulse Smartpen and expands this to the Echo 4GB and Echo 8GB Smartpens.

As the owner of Smartpen Australia, and one of Livescribe’s first sales partners in Australia I’m personally really excited. This is a very exciting development for Livescribe and for Smartpen. The Echo Smartpen is a clear demonstration that Livescribe Smartpens are one of the leading low-cost mobile computing platforms available around the world.

We’re pleased to announce that the first Echo Smartpen’s started shipping to customers this evening and in the coming days we’ll be focused on sharing initial customer feedback.

Further information on the new products and accessories is available on our dedicated Smartpen website.

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