We added two new products into our store today.

A4 Spiral Pads

The standard spiral notebooks have been updated as we now have the A4 packs available. This is a good update for our regional customers as it standardises our most popular pad product with metric conventions.

Like the previous spiral pad products they are sold as a pack of .

If you’re currently using the spiral notebooks 1-4, then you can go straight onto the new A4 version when you need further books.

A5 Spiral Notebooks

Extending the range of paper products we offer we now have the A5 pads available in packs of 4.

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I first saw these a few months ago and they are a really good addition to the paper products range. Many users have commented that they like using the spiral notebooks – so these A5 pads are a great alternative for those of us who don’t want to lug around the bulkier books. I’m sure they will prove popular.

We’ll get our first shipment of both products in early January

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