Late last year we wrote about how one of our customers was using the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen as a sales training and coaching tool.

Given the recent introduction of Pencasts from Livescribe, I caught up with David recently to let him know about this new feature.

David is now National Sales Manager for Master Electricians.

Being responsible for the hiring and training of the Master Electricians sales team David has similar needs to his previous position and is using the Pulse Smartpen the same way. Livescribe Pencasts are an exciting development for David as it allows him to build a library of content that he can then share with his team. This content ranges from tutorials that deal with prospect objections, through to content that reinforces the sales process and the preparation the sales person needs to undertake.

I’m a big fan of Pencasts. I’ve been able to take a lot of our existing content and share this easily with the team. When one of the team do something really well and it’s captured by Livescribe, it’s simple for us to share – the learning goes from 1 person to the whole team so easily.

With the Livescribe SDK now released we hope to see some new add on products and services coming through that will make this even more valuable for David and his team.

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