Ahh Newcastle. Why have I not been back to your fine city for so long?

Friday was the final day of the Assistive Technology Forum and I was looking forward to another cracking day showcasing Livescribe to the assembled delegates.

Given this was the home town for the organiser I was expecting a great day – and they didn’t disappoint. You kind of forget that Newcastle’s like a big country town – so when you meet locals like Tony Wilks or Veronica McLoughlin – you realise how much you miss the country…

As we experienced earlier in the week, visitors to our booth left amazed at the capabilities of Livescribe and yet again, I was able to rely on existing customers to do demo’s for us.Yet again, the unanswered question is how we can integrate Livescribe into other products and deeper and better into your Learning Management Systems – we’ll keep sending your suggestions and thoughts up to the team in the US.

Thanks also to those who stopped by the booth. Clearly some of you have a very funny sense of humour given the written notes in the pads – the funniest? Yes I have a shiny head. And for those Kiwi’s who stopped by and worked out that I’m a Rugby fan – not funny.

If you attended and have any follow up questions, feel free to contact us.  Hopefully we’ll see many of you at the next event.


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