We received some great feedback from a customer late last week and given we are exhibiting at the Assistive Technologies Forum this week I thought it was good feedback to share

Our customer originally bought a Livescribe pen for himself as a business tool. As most of us do with new toys he was showing his family and was impressed with how quickly one of his sons took to the technology. Given his son has a learning disability he sent him off to school with his pen.

The impact was immediate and enough for his teachers to show considerable interest in his magic pen. This was enough for dad who purchased a pen for his son and has been a great advocate for Livescribe and Smartpen at his school.
Dad spoke to me late last week – he’s very happy as his son is learning dozens of new words every day and best of all – learning is fun. Learning has gone from a frustrating chore to a fun experience.

This is an important point that we hear a lot from parents and educators. One of the hidden powers of Livescribe is its ability to help young people keep up with their peers in the classroom – making their day more enjoyable and less stressfull.

At Smartpen, we really enjoy hearing stories like this – if you have a similar experience please let me know – we’d love to hear from you.

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